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Meet Jocelyn

Birth and Postpartum Doula with twin experience

 My fascination with the medical field, birth & infants developed long before I became a doula. I wanted to be a NICU nurse ever since my younger sister got sick and spent her first few years in the NICU. After high school I started college at California State University San Marcos, where I ended up moving overseas due to the military. The first birth I attended was while living overseas and my friends husband was deployed. She asked me to be her support person and I was terrified. However, when I got to the hospital it was like something in me changed and I knew what I had to do. Ever since then I loved birth and all it entails. In 2018 I got accepted into a nursing program where a year later due to unforeseen life changes I didn't finish the program. In 2020 I started my journey to becoming a doula while I was nannying fulltime. I have been a certified nurse assistant, home health aid, teacher at a bilingual school in Japan, childcare provider and nanny.

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Jocelyn's Trainings & Certifications

Birth Doula

Postpartum Doula

Parent Companion

Breast/Chest Feeding Educator

First Aid & CPR for Infants, Children, & Adults

Spinning Babies

Reproductive Justice Informed

Black Maternal Health Informed

Meet your Doula: Training

Current trainings & Future trainings

Certified Herbalist

Sleep Consultant

Lactation Educator

Massage for Laboring Women

Childbirth Educator

Placenta Encapsulation

Meet your Doula: Training
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Meet your Doula on a personal level

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Hey! I am second generation born here in the US. Growing up in a Latin cultured household I was taught family is very important. I still to this day hold family at the top of my list of most important things! Whether that's my family or someone else's. I have 7 younger brothers and sisters and 4 of them I raised with the help of my grandmother. In high school I was placed in foster care, which ended up being one of the best things that happened to me. So many opportunities arose up and I was able to take everything I had seen growing up and change my future. I work hard everyday to help others understand that just because we don't all come from the best situations doesn't mean that's where we deserve to stay in life. We have the power to change our futures!! I am a military wife who has had the opportunity to live in 2 countries overseas (Japan and Italy) and have also traveled to 13 countries and counting! I love traveling for many reasons and one reason is that it helps me to see other cultures and gain more knowledge. I have struggled the past couple years with pelvic floor issues and have worked with a pelvic floor physical therapist to overcome the issues. It's important to me to spread knowledge about pelvic floor-related issues as many people may have it and not even know it! When I'm not working as a nanny or doula, I can be found spending quality time with my husband and our two dogs. I also love crafting, spending time with friends, drinking hot tea and eating tamales. Lastly, I am a Christian. However, if you're not religious that's okay. I can still support you because I am here for you, not me. This is your birth and I will do anything I can to help make you happy. I would never push my beliefs on others.

XOXO, Jocelyn

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